About Project

    This capstone project aims at designing and prototyping a material printer that enables any 3D object designed in a virtual environment to be obtained in 3D but in solid form. The production of a 3D cartesian printer which is able to print models using different materials is the objective of this project. The 3D printer will consist of an integration between two subsystems. The first system is a physical system which will be designed, assembled, tested, evaluated, and verified by Mechatronics engineering students. The second system is a web system which is the software that controls the printer. The web system should be developed, tested, and optimized by Computer engineering students.

    Mechatronics students must design and integrate the actual hardware . That includes the PCB design, choosing, designing,and assembling of the mechanical parts, such as motors, belt system, heated bed..etc, and implementing adequate electronic components. In the making of this project, Bassam is responsible for the 3D Printer mechanical aspect like the CAD design and choosing and assembly of the parts. Aya is responsible for choosing the suitable electronic components and implementing them.

    Once Computer Engineering students have a CAD design, they will design a website that will act as a slicer to prepare it for printing by generating G code. Using the firmware, it will determine how the 3D printer will react to the G-code we have sent it. Finally, they are responsible for developing an application that will scan the 3D printer's print and compare it to the CAD design of that print. Hasan is responsible for the coding and design of the website. Berke is responsible for closing security vulnerabilities on the website and taking precautions against website crashes.In addition, Berke is responsible for the firmware. Yunus is responsible for scanning the print and comparing it to the CAD design.